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fufroom (Alex Bezuska)
(Pronounced "Fuff" like fluff, "room" like bedroom)
This is how my daughter said "mushroom" as a toddler and I thought it was super cute!

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Release date:
February 14, 2024

PC / Mac (Steam)

Engine Used:


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Mushroom meadow is being devastated by robots trying to build an Amazon warehouse! It’s time for the fungi to fight back with wild auto-firing abilities like spinning embroidery hoops and mason jar molotov cocktails! Choose a mushroom, play solo or co-cop, survive the horde and win back your turf!


Hardcore Cottagecore is inspired by the "Bullet Heaven" genre that was brought to popularity by Vampire Survivors mixed with an affection for mushrooms, cottagecore aesthetics, and all things cute. fufroom (Alex Bezuska) is a solo game designer and artist based in Louisville, Kentucky. Hardcore Cottagecore officially blossomed on Valentine's Day - February 14, 2024 on Steam for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Steamdeck!

Hardcore Cottagecore offers players a whimsical world to explore and loads of wild cottagecore-themed weapons to equip and upgrade! Hardcore Cottagecore is a co-op experience encouraging shared experiences with friends but can also be played solo. For Alex, it signifies a long quest to complete and launch a joy-inducing game on Steam. While primarily a solo endeavor, invaluable support came from howdycara and the Louisville Makes Games community.

Alex harnessed Unity, Blender, and Photoshop to craft the game, while marketing assistance from galactical (Jonah Segree) helped amplify its presence. Hardcore Cottagecore is available now on Steam!


  • Numerous unique and powerful abilities to destroy robots with
  • Cute cottagecore aesthetic
  • Quests to complete in each area
  • Play singleplayer or local 2-player co-op
  • Unlockable characters
  • Multiple areas
  • Full controller support or even play 2 players on a single keyboard


Steam Remote Play Together Fest

February 12 - 19 2024, online

Steam Remote Play Together Fest celebrates playing your favorite games with your friends, remotely!

MAGFest 2024 Indie Arcade

January 2024, National Harbor, MD

At MAGFest 2024, Hardcore Cottagecore was featured in a completely custom-built mushroom-shaped arcade cabinet (also designed and built by fufroom, the solo game developer). Hardcore Cottagecore was on display in the Indie Arcade section, open 24/7 throughout the event. The charming and whimsical cabinet drew people to the game, who teamed up in co-op 2 player mode carefully navigating swarms of robots in a gripping 10-minute demo. The developer recalls his favorite moment; witnessing a couple playing the game together, completing the full demo, high-fiving then walking away holding hands.


Alex is part of a game creator community called Louisville Makes Games! A group trying to make game development a sustainable career choice in the Kentucky/Indiana area. The LMG community provides a way for local creatives to find eacthother, learn and improve thier game development skills, participate in events like game jams, and educate the community. Find out more at




Hardcore Cottagecore Mushboy Mushboy
Voiced by fufroom(Alex Bezuska)
Hardcore Cottagecore Gothgf Goth Girlfriend
Voiced by dev's partner howdycara
Hardcore Cottagecore Indi Indi
Voiced by dev's 3yo daughter
Hardcore Cottagecore Puff Puff
Voiced by galactical(Jonah Segree)

Hardcore Cottagecore Indi Indi
Voiced by dev's 3yo daughter
Hardcore Cottagecore Mushboy Mushboy
Voiced by fufroom(Alex Bezuska)



Hardcore Cottagecore two-player co-op mode with Mushboy and Goth Girlfriend battling robots and destroying an enemy lumber pile
Hardcore Cottagecore two-player co-op mode with two players selecting from a variety of cottagecore-themed upgrades
Hardcore Cottagecore Screensho
Hardcore Cottagecore Screensho
Hardcore Cottagecore Screenshot
Hardcore Cottagecore Journal showing quests available to complete
Hardcore Cottagecore the antagonist's evil plan

Logos & Banners

Hardcore Cottagecore Main Logo
Hardcore Cottagecore Logo for Light Backgrounds
Hardcore Cottagecore Wide Header Image
Hardcore Cottagecore Header Key Art / Cover Art
Hardcore Cottagecore Library  Key Art / Cover Art


fufroom (Alex Bezuska)
Creator, Programmer, Artist, etc

Zane Little

howdycara (Cara Bezuska)
Additional environment art

galactical (Jonah Segree)

Based on presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer)